This documentation is under active development, meaning that it can change over time as we refine it. Please email if you require assistance, or have suggestions to improve this documentation.

Using PyCharm with your Virtual environment#

After successfully creating your own Python environment, you can use it in your PyCharm projects.

The first step is to start PyCharm. Start a MASSIVE desktop session

and select PyCharm from the menu.

  1. Once PyCharm is up and running, select File, New Project.

2. You will be presented with the Create Project window. Click on the arrow next to ‘Project Interpreter’

PyCharm new project dialog box
  1. Select ‘Existing interpreter’ and click the ‘browse’ icon.

PyCharm new project interpreter dialog box

4. Browse to the location where you created your virtual environment, enter the ‘bin’ folder, then select the ‘python’ executable. Click OK.

PyCharm new project interpreter dialog box
  1. Click OK.

PyCharm new project interpreter dialog box

6. Back on the Create Project window, enter the new project name. Click OK. You now have a PyCharm project setup using your new virtual environment.