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Deep Learning on M3


There are a number of deep learning packages available on M3.


To use Caffe on M3:

nvidia-modprobe -u
module load caffe

Reference datasets


ImageNet is a collection of approximately 14 million annotated images often used to benchmark and test image classification and object detection models. Each image has been categorised according to a WordNet ID, and additional annotations, such as bounding boxes, can be obtained via ImageNet APIs. The dataset is described in full at

Users can access the Fall 2011 version of the ImageNet database by registering their acceptance of the terms of access.


To use TensorFlow on M3:

# Loading module
module load tensorflow/1.3.0-python2.7.12-gcc5

# Unloading module
module unload tensorflow/1.3.0-python2.7.12-gcc5