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Hardware Refresh Plan 2021 – Update: 17 May 2021**

Please be advised of the following M3 hardware refresh schedule for 2021. These servers are now coming into end-of-life and will be retired this year.

While this will result in a reduction of total CPU capacity for 2021, retiring these servers is necessary to make room for new and faster compute nodes. The 2021 round of procurement for new hardware is expected to be provisioned during the middle of this year and this includes new remote desktop servers to replace those being decommissioned.

Compute Nodes


To be retired by the


Intel Xeon-E5-2680-v3 CPU

end of May 2021



GRID K1 Desktop

end of August 2021


Intel Xeon-E5-2680-v3 CPU


middle of November 2021

m3h[001,015] m3h[003-008] m3h[010,011]

Intel Xeon-E5-2680-v4 CPU


middle of November 2021

We will be enabling the appropriate mechanisms (e.g., SLURM reservation) to ensure that these nodes will be idle of running jobs prior to their retirement. Please check your job scripts to ensure they do not specify these nodes using --nodelist.


Planned maintenance outages

We have scheduled quarterly outages for the M3 cluster. This is to ensure we communicate scheduled outages to our HPC users in advance. Where possible, we perform rolling upgrades with the cluster online. However, sometimes we have to perform upgrades that require the cluster to be taken offline. These include:

  • system software upgrades;

  • network maintenance;

  • bug and security patches; and

  • hardware maintenance

This site contains the documentation for the MASSIVE HPC systems. M3 is the newest addition to the facility.

Using M3