How does Strudel work and is it secure?

Strudel launches a remote desktop instance by programmatically requesting a visualisation node on the MASSIVE server, creating an SSH tunnel and launching TurboVNC.

Can I use Strudel at my HPC or cloud site?

Yes, this is easily implemented with just a simple configuration file and has been done for a range of sites other than MASSIVE or the CVL. Instructions to achieve this will be published soon. Until then please feel free to email us for more information.

Can I change the size of the Desktop after it has been started?

You can change the desktop size by entering a value in the “xrandr” command from a terminal on the desktop (e.g. xrandr -s "1920x1080"). If that does not work check the options in TurboVNC (ctl-alt-shift-o), newer versions have a “Remote desktop size” under “Connection Options”, set this to “Server” or the size you would like.

I have a slow connection can I make TurboVNC perform better?

From the options menu (ctl-alt-shift-o) you can set the connection speed “Encoding method” to one of the “WAN” options. This will reduce the quality of the rendering but increase the interaction speed.

I have forgotten my passphrase, how do I proceed?

You can recreate your passphrase key by deleting the old one, this will prompt you to create a new passphrase when you first login with your MASSIVE id. To delete the key: Identity > Delete Key, from the Strudel menu. You can also avoid the key by using Identity > Don’t Remember Me.