This documentation is under active development, meaning that it can change over time as we refine it. Please email if you require assistance.

MASSIVE Terms of Use#

Use of the MASSIVE facility is subject to Monash University’s Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy [PDF] and Information Technology Acceptable Use Procedure [PDF].

When reading the Information Technology Acceptable Use Procedure [PDF], note in particular section 2 Responsibilities of users:

Regarding Use of Monash University Computer Accounts each authorised user is responsible for:

  • The security of personally owned computers and equipment used in conjunction with the University’s IT Services

  • Usage of the unique computer accounts which the University has authorised for the user’s benefit, these accounts are not transferable

  • Selecting and keeping a secure password for each of these accounts, including not sharing passwords and logging off after using a computer

  • Familiarising themselves with legislative requirements which impact on the use of IT Resources and acting accordingly, using the University IT Resources in an ethical and lawful way, in accordance with Australian laws/relevant local laws where a student is based in another country

  • Cooperating with other users of the ICT facilities to ensure fair and equitable access to the facilities

  • Observing the obligations under these Procedures

  • Observing the Terms of Service or Acceptable Use policies of third party products or services that have been engaged by the University

  • IT Resources must not be used for private commercial purposes except where the paid work is conducted in accordance with the University Practice and Paid Outside Work Policy, or the work is for the purposes of a corporate entity in which Monash University holds an interest

The University accepts no responsibility for:

  • Loss or damage or consequential loss or damage, arising from the use of its IT Services for academic or personal purposes

  • Loss of data or interference with files arising from its efforts to maintain the IT Services

  • Users whose actions breach legislation – for further information refer to the section of this policy titled Relevant Australian Legislation, Policies and Associated Documentation

The above translates to not sharing accounts or account details. For MASSIVE this is particularly important as it is a system linked to many other systems. It is vital to restrict access to the individual that has accepted these terms and conditions, so that the system is used fairly and securely for all other users. Users are limited to one account each. If you need an additional account (e.g. for a particular instrument) contact the MASSIVE helpdesk.

In addition to the University Terms and Conditions we also ask users to follow the HPC etiquette:

  1. Login nodes are used only for light single core processing tasks e.g.
    1. Submitting jobs

    2. Compiling code

    3. Light pre/post processing of jobs

  2. Moving data to and from MASSIVE should be done using the data transfer node (dtn)

  3. Do not run jobs on the login nodes

  4. Do not write scripts that poll the queuing system continuously (i.e. loops of less than 1 minute)

The above is important as the login nodes are a shared resource and the only entry point to MASSIVE. If all the resources or services are consumed by one user, all other users are denied access to MASSIVE.

Email notifications#

One of the conditions of having access to M3 is that you receive HPC notification emails. These notification emails allow us to improve our service and/or let you know about any service interruptions, changes or updates. Opting out of this mail list requires you to relinquish your M3 access. Contact the MASSIVE helpdesk for further information.