Project Allocation#

Resources on M3 are allocated by the SLURM job scheduler. Unlike M1 & M2, on M3 we use the SLURM multifactor plugin to assign priorities to jobs. This means that the scheduler sets priority based upon job age, queue, partition, job size, QoS and fair-share.

Slurm’s fair-share factor is a scoring system that reflects the shares of a computing resource that a user has been allocated and the number of computing resources the user’s jobs have consumed. The fair-share component to a job’s priority influences the order in which a user’s queued jobs are scheduled to run.

The MASSIVE team is working on a mechanism to represent this score in a more meaningful way.

Please refer to SLURM documentation for more information:

Project Space#

To check your quota on /projects

lfs quota -h -g "project_id" /projects

and to check your quota on /scratch


Please also visit the link below for more information about our filesystem:

Questions about allocation#

If you have any enquiries with regards to your project resources and space allocation, please do not hesitate to contact us on