This documentation is under active development, meaning that it can change over time as we refine it. Please email if you require assistance.

Connecting to M3 via Strudel2#

To connect to Strudel2 via the web portal, please go to:

You should see a login screen that looks like this:


From here, select “Choose a service” and then select CVL from the dropdown menu.


Then, choose an authentication service. It is important to note that the email address you use here needs to be one linked to your CVL@MASSIVE or M3 account. We require our users to use their institutional email addresses and you may see errors with other email providers (specifically personal emails). If you don’t already have an account, please refer to the instructions at: and particularly, the instructions under “Connecting to a CVL@M3 desktop”.


Once you have logged in you will be taken to your account summary page which shows information about your projects and account. In the tables you can see your storage usage and quota, with areas requiring attention highlighted in red. If you are over quota, your desktop jobs will not run properly, or may not start at all.


From this screen you can select the application you wish to run from the left hand side menu. For further instructions on a particular application see the following links: