Open call to access NCI or DUG through the Monash HPC partnership program.#


Please note the final date for applications

Monash eResearch, in partnership with Science and Engineering Faculties, has acquired HPCaaS (HPC as a Service) capacity from the National Computing Infrastructure (NCI) and DUG Technology Ltd. The resources are available to researchers (for both NCI and DUG) and HDR students (for DUG only) through a competitive but lightweight application process.

Information about systems#

DUG Technology Ltd#

The following hardware is available:


  • Intel Dual Cascade Lake 6248R 192 GB

  • Intel Xeon Phi “KNL” 128 GB

  • AMD Dual EPYC 7402 256 GB


  • Quad A100 PCIe 4.0 80 GB

  • Quad Tesla V100 PCIe HIB 32 GB

  • AMD Quad MI50 32 GB

Read more about DUG systems

Please contact us if you need advice on selecting the most appropriate system for your project.

The request to DUG needs to be done in a dollar amount. Please read the DUG pricing information to evaluate the dollar budget required.

The requests limits:

  • Minimum - $5,000

  • Maximum - $50,000


The allocation mainly provides access to the NCI Gadi HPC cluster. More about Gadi can be read here.

The requests to NCI should be in Service Units (SU). Please review the NCI SU model to evaluate the SU budget required.

Please contact us if you need advice estimating the SU requirements of your project.

The requests limits:

  • Minimum - 10 kSU

  • Maximum - 1 MSU

Terms and Conditions#

The allocations are available quarterly. Unused allocations will expire at the end of the term.

Users can apply for an extension of the project every quarter; however, the unused allocation can not be rolled over, and therefore, excessive unused allocations will likely reduce the chances for an extension unless eResearch is notified in advance and the unused quota is reallocated.


Existing projects must submit a report

Existing projects must submit a report before applying for more capacity. Please proceed to the report here

The grant can’t be used to purchase software licences or pay salaries.

While efforts have been made to provide tunnels to Monash software licensing servers from NCI and DUG, the use of licensed software might still be limited.

Neither DUG nor NCI will provide environments for sensitive data, and applications containing sensitive data will be rejected.

Please contact Monash eResearch at if you require processing sensitive data.

The allocation panel reserves the right to grant the allocation on NCI instead of DUG if the total request exceeds the available capacity.

Applications will be accepted from Monday, 17 June 2024, at 9:00 am and close on Monday 24 June 2024, at 11:00 pm of AEDT.


How to apply

Click here to apply.

Please contact for any questions.