Help and Support#

MASSIVE are committed to ensuring that all its users are fully supported so that you receive the maximum benefit from the MASSIVE HPC facilities and services.

MASSIVE provides user support by providing a User Guide, Help Desk support and consulting services.

Help Desk#

For any issues with using MASSIVE or the documentation on this site please contact the Help Desk. Please see Requesting help on M3 for more details.


Never send your password via email or other media.

It would also be of help to us if you could also send (if appropriate):

  • the path to the Slurm submission script

  • the path to the output file with the error in it

  • the Slurm job number of any failed job

  • any other information (such as what modules you may have loaded beforehand)

  • permission to submit the job as you to reproduce the problem

Drop-in Sessions#

If you need to talk to a person, there is a HPC person at each Bioinformatics Drop-In session. Please see for more info.

Session alternate between in-person events (held at G19, 15 Innovation Walk) and Zoom. The above link gives you links to the calendar, and how to submit questions in advance.


For general enquires and enquiries about value added services such as help with porting code to GPUs or using MASSIVE for Imaging and Visualisation, use the following:


For enquiries regarding MASSIVE news and events:


For other enquiries please contact the MASSIVE Coordinator: